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What Soothe Your Spirit clients have said:

"Soothe Your Spirit provided me with the tool kit and a lamp to light the way. A simple yet profound understanding of the brain coupled with specifically tailored art activities unlocked the deep, dark mystery of my experience of mental "illness". Jacqueline's work has most certainly transformed my breakdown into breakthrough after breakthrough." Erin

“I have the Sooth Your Senses handbook on my fridge and when I get anxious or feel down I use my senses to feel centred and in control. I only have to think about Vivaldi and hear the music and I feel happy.”

“I did it (Move Past the Fear) for the rage, the process peeled back layers and I got to some feelings of shame and not feeling worthy of love from my mother and sister and then it hit into grief and had a big release. It was interesting I had heat come into my body, a wave of heat and then the release.”

“ I tried each of The Deep Breath exercises – it was amazing how calm I felt. I was even able to cope better did not react to my son like I usually did. It is changing me and our house is much calmer.”

“ I was in a panic but I could not even clean my house or look after my children. Dishes were piling up, there was mess everywhere and my son was refusing to go to school. My life was a mess I felt paralysed with depression. I used the art activities to name my emotions and change them to the ones I wanted. This was easier for me because I couldn’t even think and analyse what was happening to me.”

“When you explained the parts of the brain and what was happening to me I felt a wave of comfort wash over me. Now I knew what was happening to me and I was not going mad. I knew in that moment that I could change how I was feeling. I could be happy and enjoy my new relationship.”

“I was so afraid there was something seriously wrong with me and I was deeply flawed. I had left my relationship, my home and my community. Everything that I thoughts was true is not. I was scared of people, I jumped and trembled every time I went to the supermarket. I couldn’t even cry! I watched the Self Soothing Tools video over and over again. These really helped me to calm down and feel in control. The 5,4,3,2,1 Mindfulness activity helps me feel calm and present when my mind goes into the ‘what have I done’ or ‘who am I now’ panic.”

“I kept putting off doing the creative therapy exercise “Move Past the Fear” as I struggled to get into that space of self-care. After procrastinating over a few weeks I decided to finally move on the activity and I found myself really enjoying the process of going out and buying the paints, crayons and setting up a creative table and space my inner child was overjoyed. The actual carrying out of the steps of the exercise I found easy to follow, and I felt safe throughout the process as I was gently guided into dropping through layers where I experienced a profound healing and release. The Activity Explore the Fear is liberating, restorative and therapeutic, I wish I had of done it sooner.”

“Now I understand that my body is connected to my brain and mind has helped me understand when I do a body scan or feel something in my body I can stop, observe what is happening around me and what my thoughts are. Wow I didn’t know how much ‘the story’ I created about simple things like a friend not calling kept me feeling worthless” . I use the self soothing tools each time this happens – I love the shaking or ‘loose goose’ to release the pain from my body. There is no pain in my hips. I am now working on the burning sensation I feel in my foot“

“I found the Deep Breathing Practice to Soothe the Senses extremely helpful, at first I experimented with all of them to see which one worked best for me and I found they were all beneficial. Although, I resonated more with the Single Nostril Breathing exercise as when I did this breathing exercise for the first time I felt an immediate sense of calm on my nervous system. So now whenever I feel myself starting to get triggered I use the single nostril breathing exercise straight away and I am able to bring about composure back into my being quiet quickly; very powerful tool for cultivating self-mastery, thank you Jacqueline.“