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30 Magical Messages to Boost Your Optimism

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do what you canOptimism in the face of adversity allows you to stay out of the emotional overwhelm and engage with the wise mind! A realistic approach to problems gives you a better chance of finding a solution that works for you. The  Dali Lama has a simple message in the face of adversity "do what you can and accept what you can’t!"

Yes beautiful one you are doing the best you can and when you know better you will do better.



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Use the 30 optimistic messages to your self and notice the changes in your attitude to and the way you manage your problems. Write or art journal your reflections over the next 30 days and I guarantee that you will change your brain to change your mindset.  

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30 Optimistic Messages to Your Self

1.     I appreciate what I have

Perceptions are how we make meaning of the world and where we fit in it.

Give gratitude and remember to appreciate what you have.

What do you appreciate about your life?

What are grateful for right now today?

2.     I define my own success

What is your picture of success?

When did you feel successful?

How can you succeed today?

3.     I strive for what I want

Take the time to reflect on your goals.

What do you really want?

Is what you are doing now going to get you what you want?

What is the one step you will take today?

4.     Fear is Natural

Know your fears.  I am scared of/to ......

Remember you have the courage to move through the fears.

What are your fears?

Are your fears getting in the way?

5.     Follow your enthusiasm

 I am passionate about .... (make a list of 5-10 things that make you feel alive and awake).

How can you act on your passion?

How will you keep the momentum going and stay focused?

6.     My life has meaning

Live your life purpose.

Your life purpose is when you feel most connected and fulfilled.

Do you know what is important to you?  Write it down!

 7.     Opportunities surround me

Take-up your opportunities.

Choose opportunities that add quality to your life.

What opportunities exist right now?

8.     My happiness is up to me

Happiness to me is .......  (name 10 things, people, activities that make you happy).

You can choose to be happy.

What can you do right now to feel happy?

9.     I have strengths

My strengths are ....... (name as many strengths as you can, they don't have to be what you consider to be traditional strengths).

Use your strengths to create the changes you want in your life.

What new strength may be useful to you?

10.     I learn from my experiences

 Who or what has been your greatest teacher?

You are learning all the time - take the time to reflect on the lessons in your life.

How can you keep that learning alive?

11.      I step out of my comfort zone

Take the risk! What would be different if you stepped out of your comfort zone today?

Practice the feeling of being vulnerable and uncomfortable. What will you gain from taking the risk?

12.      I embrace life

I choose life! What can you celebrate in your life today?

Practice living in the present. What can you hang onto to get through the challenging time?

13.      I give myself time to reflect

Build reflective moments into your day. What can you gain from reflection?

Today I will reflect on ......

14.      Today is a new day

Oh yes today is a new day! What can you do differently today?

What would you would like to change? Where will you start?

15.      Feelings are feedback

Feelings are feedback. Do you listen to your feelings and what they are telling you?

How are you going to choose to respond to your feeling?

16.     I am a work in progress

Learning and growth happen for you when you are curious and open.

Are there parts of you that you would like to keep? What are the parts you want to change?

17.      I am in control of my well-being

You are responsible for your well-being. What does well-being look like for you?

What are the signs that you are managing your well-being?

How can you support your wellbeing?

18.      I have choices

You have choices. In this situation what is within your control?

What choice will you make today?

How will your choice affect your reality?

19.     I accept what is

What is really happening here? Can I change what is happening?

What is working for you and what is not? What is your next step?

20.      Change is an opportunity

What changes do you want to make in your life?

Change can be uncomfortable and scary. How will things be different if you make the changes you want?

21.    I am true to my self

What does it mean to you to live an authentic life?

Do your values and actions line up?

What are your warning sign if what you are doing is authentic or not?

Be the person you really want to be. The real you, you are perfect just as you are.

22.     Failure is a perception

FAIL = First Attempt In Learning.

'Failure' is a perception and can be seen from different perspectives.

What can come from this 'failure'? Make a list - think outside the square!

23.     sh*t Happens

sh*t happens! Life is full of stuff happening!

The way you chose to look at the problem can make the stuff appear different.

What are the different ways you can look at this problem?

How does this change things for you?

24.     My Expectations are realistic

Perfection is not a realistic expectation for you or anyone else you know!

Are there times when you expect too much from your-self or others?

Maintain your balance! Look at what has happened from a different angle or with a different lenses.

What changes with the new perspective?

Which perspective will you choose?

25.      I am kind and gentle to my self

Be self-compassionate & demonstrate your self-love today. You are precious and the world needs your uniqueness.

What will you do today to show your self-compassion?

What will you do today to demonstrate your self-love?

26.      A wise man once said nothing

Silence is truly golden! Silence the inner critique!

Do you know when to shut up and listen - to your self and others?

Are you talking to your self like you would to your best friend?

27.      I will persevere

Stay focussed on what you want and are passionate about.

Remember the rabbit and the tortoise story? Perseverance wins the race.

How will you keep on going today?

What have you done to keep the focus on your passion and purpose?

28.     I have the chance to change today

Freedom is a choice.

Do you have the freedom to make changes in your life?

Are you able to make choices in your life to support your sense of freedom?

29.     I look forward not backwards

Forward is the way you are going. Look forward not back.

Do you use the lessons from your past to heal and move forward?

Do you have regrets that are keeping you stuck in the past?

What will you do about the stuck-ness today?

30.     I am enough

 You are enough - perfect just as you are!

How do you know that you are enough?

Do you surround your self with people who know you are enough?

Name the five closest people to you - do they know you are enough?



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