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Counselling Psychological Therapy and Recovery Coach

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    We have just launched the Jacqueline Conroy Academy spearheaded by my acclaimed flagship course Soothe Your Spirit.

    I know you will LOVE the freedom, peace and happiness that this course will give you.

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    Are you ready to take the next step?

    I offer safe and trustworthy guidance for you to emerge from the darkness of emptiness, confusion and fear into the light of peace happiness and hope.

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How to get off the emotional rollercoaster and feel in control of your life.

Discover a toolbox of skills and strategies to have peace and happiness in your life.

Are you stuck in a cycle of anxiety, worry and overwhelm?
Are you lost in the darkness of hopelessness, helplessness and numb with pain?
Do you feel agitated and restless and at the same time you are paralysed and not able to get anything done?
Is it too hard to be motivated to make the changes you know you need to?

If you are stuck in the cycle of anxiety and overwhelmed and/or lost in the darkness of painful despair the Soothe Your Spirit Toolbox is your key to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Imagine what it would be like to stop that internal shaking, the brain fog, and the jittery feelings in the pit of your stomach. Imagine if you stopped worrying about everything you did or said. Imagine if you did not wake up everyday with a heavy heart and feeling that your body is just a shell of emptiness. Imagine if you did not react at zero to 100 in two seconds flat. Imagine if you would not be deeply hurt by what is said to you or you believe someone is thinking about you.

Imagine if you knew you are worthy and enough.